Student FAQs

Find various categories about questions related to sorority recruitment and Greek Life for students below! If these don't fully answer all of your questions, please reach out to us with the information provided on the "Contact Us" page.


What will being in a sorority do for me?
Sorority life provides numerous opportunities to succeed both while at Missouri S&T and after graduation. It gives you the possibilities to get involved within leadership positions and allows you to network, both within and outside the Greek community. Joining a sorority can provide life-long friendships and everlasting memories.

I have heard that sororities have various reputations. How do I handle this information? 
No two chapters are the same, they differ between chapters and campuses. Each chapter is made up of many personalities with different qualities and talents that make up the sorority as a whole. Being open-minded about sorority life and being able to form your own opinions will help you find the chapter that will become your home.

What if I have trouble choosing between certain chapters?
This is a common dilemma when going through sorority recruitment! When going through recruitment, think carefully and look at what each sorority has to offer and how your values align with theirs. Recruitment counselors are with you every step of the way through the recruitment process and are there to be a sounding board when you’re working to make your decision.

Do I have to be outgoing to be in a sorority?
Not at all! Sororities have women of all personalities and that is what makes them so unique. Be yourself and let the women get to know you as best as they can. Always remember that sororities want to impress you just as much as you want to impress them.

I’m a sophomore. Should I bother going through recruitment?
Yes! You don’t have to be a freshman to go through recruitment, the process is the same for everyone that registers.

I’m a transfer student - what does that mean for me and sorority recruitment?
Transfer students are more than welcome to go through recruitment, and joining a sisterhood at Missouri S&T can make the transition a lot smoother.


How much time does membership in a sorority take up?
There are minimum requirements for all members of Fraternity and Sorority Life, but it’s very possible to balance with Missouri S&T’s academics and other involvement. The first semester in a sorority is the most time consuming since the new members are learning about their new sisterhoods in order to be initiated into their chapter. Sorority members get out of sorority life what they put in, and they can customize their experience to be more or less involved within their chapter.

How hard is it to balance sorority life and academics?
Many sorority women are able to manage sorority responsibilities, jobs, tough academic schedules and involvement in other campus organizations. Chapters work to support their members in their academics by implementing mandatory study hours to ensure they’re focusing on their schoolwork, while providing campus resources to better learn their class material.

Finances and Housing

How much does being in a sorority cost?
Find the link for the sorority cost breakdown sheet here.

When could I move into a chapter house?
It can vary from house to house, but sorority members typically move in their second or third semester in the sorority. There are cases sometimes where chapters have open spots in their house at the conclusion of sorority recruitment, and will let their new members know of the opportunity to move in their first semester.

What are the chapter houses like?
The best way to see what the houses are like is to experience them yourself! We offer house tours at most A&R days for anyone potentially interested in joining a sorority and you can find virtual house tour videos on the Panhellenic Council Instagram account (@sandt_panhel).