Parent FAQs

What will my child get out of Greek life that they would not get out of any other college
When students leave home and head to college it can often be a rough transition. Becoming a
part of Greek Life will help make the transition easier. Joining a sorority will give your daughter
opportunities to make friends and get involved. Many times these chapters become a home away
from home. Sororities stand for scholarship, philanthropy, friendship and much more. Ultimately
your daughter will determine the level of involvement she wants to have in the chapter and what
kind of experience it will be for her.

How will joining a chapter benefit my student after college? 
Joining a sorority means more than just having friends in college, it means having friends for a
lifetime. The friendships your student will make through their chapter will be lifelong and last
into post-college years. Greeks also have networks for its members to use for advancing careers
and getting jobs. Membership in a sorority is for a lifetime.

Will my student's academics be compromised if they join a Greek chapter? 
When coming to college students often have trouble dealing with the adjustment from high
school to college. Greek life can help your student by offering study partners, workshops, and
study sessions. Also, your student can turn to chapter members who already know a lot about
campus and may be the same major. Last semester the all sorority GPA was higher than the all-student
GPA. Grade statistics can be found here.

Aren't fraternities and sororities just like the ones in the movies and TV? 
Unfortunately, Greek life is portrayed poorly. What is seen on television is not the correct image
of Greek Life. Only 2% of the U.S. population is Greek so these stereotypes portrayed on TV
become the norm. As Greeks, we do hold social events, but social events do not mean alcohol.
These events include intramural sports, Greek Week, Greek Sing, Family weekend and service
events. Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council have guidelines and procedures
concerning alcohol.

How much time does a chapter take up?

The first semester your daughter joins a sorority will
be the most time-consuming. Besides that, the time commitment varies from chapter to chapter.
Being in a sorority is a commitment but it will give your daughter the opportunity to develop her
leadership, make many new friendships, and encourage her to become involved in other
organizations. Ultimately, you can put as much or as little time into the sorority as possible. The
more time you put in the more you will get out.

Doesn't membership cost a lot of money? 
Greek organizations at Missouri S&T are very affordable. There are membership dues that go
along with being part of a sorority but they all will benefit your daughter. You can compare the
prices of Greek living and the prices of dorms under the "documents" tab.

What about pledging or hazing? 
Hazing is absolutely not acceptable on the Missouri S&T campus and is not tolerated by any of
the Greek Houses.

What is my role as a parent? 
Take the time to find out more about the Greek community at Missouri S&T. All sororities offer
family weekends and going to this event would show your support. If your daughter does choose
to join a sorority take the time to ask her about Greek life and her chapter.