What is a sorority?

On Missouri S&T’s campus, sorority life helps you find a real network and opportunities that help you succeed, both within college and after graduation. Our sororities are groups of like-minded women that provide a support system and a home away from home! The transition to Missouri S&T, whether it’s from high school or another college, can be tough, and sorority life can help you ease this process and find your people.

What is Primary Recruitment?

Primary Recruitment is the process put on by the Panhellenic Council that gives potential new members, who are women potentially interested in joining one of our three Panhellenic sororities, the opportunity to meet members of each sorority in an equal capacity. We accomplish this through a 4 day process, starting on Friday, August 25th and concluding on Monday, August 28th (find the schedule here). This process is values-based, which ensures that all connections made between potential new members and the sororities are authentic and meaningful connections. This isn’t about what we look like, this isn’t what our houses look like, this process is to find a sisterhood and a place within a close-knit sorority community that enriches the college experience.

Sign up for Primary Recruitment here!

What if I want to join a sorority after Primary Recruitment?

A select number of sororities will participate in continuous open bidding (also known as COBing). COBing is an informal style of recruitment, and is based off of the available number of membership spots left within the individual sorority following the conclusion of Primary Recruitment. This process is done individually by each sorority, and, if interested, please contact Aleah Bingham (arb8q6@umsystem.edu) so she can provide you with sorority contact information.